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Pears are usually grown in the southern regions of Australia due to milder winters and warm summers, making the South West an ideal growing location. The Casotti Group produces many varieties of pears including the ever-popular Packham pear which makes up for approx. 60% of Australia’s pear production.

Packham Pears are especially juicy and creamy with a sweet, aromatic flavour and are an excellent source of vitamin C and dietary fibre. Pears in general are a good source of vitamin C, dietary fibre, iron & potassium, plus they are low GI.

Pears are very versatile, they can be eaten fresh, baked, poached, added to salads, and make a great accompaniment to any cheese board.

  • Pears Bartlett
  • Pears Red Bartlett
  • Pears Corella
  • Pears Gold BB
  • Pears Goldrush
  • Pears Josephine
  • Pears Packham  
  • Pears Percose
  • Pears Red d’Anjou
  • Pears Silvana
  • Pears Ya Li