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Ladycroft Orchard


This picturesque apple orchard lies about 22 kms west of Manjimup township. Ladycroft is a relatively new orchard, converted from vegetable growing when it was bought by the Casotti Group in 1996 and planted predominantly with the then-new Cripps Pink apples (marketed as Pink Lady) and also the Cosmic Crisp® variety.

Today, there are 44 hectares under apples with several apple varieties grown. Pink Lady apples still account for the largest share of production at Ladycroft, with 16ha of the 44ha under apples, but the Cripps Pink is being replaced by higher-coloured cultivars Rosy Glow and Lady In Red. Similarly, high-colour Galaxy and Alvina Gala are replacing Royal Gala, Sundowner and Fuji. Ladycroft also grows the distinctive, burgundy-coloured apple Bravo®. Bravo® apples dominate new plantings at Ladycroft where it is being grown on slender spindle and 2D-multi leader.

Improving efficiency is central to the Ladycroft management team’s strategy of shifting to more intensive orchard systems. Higher yields per hectare, more uniform colour and size, reducing the number of picks and a reduced dependence on labour are all outcomes planned for in the implementation of more two-dimensional, closer plantings at Ladycroft.

LOCATION: Manjimup
FARM MANAGER: Bec Whittaker
MOBILE: 0427 172 016

Orchard Manager, Bec Whittaker,  has built a reputation for passion and innovation in fruit growing at Ladycroft Orchard. Bec has a Diploma in Horticulture and 20+ years of experience in the industry. She is continuously striving to extend her knowledge through industry engagement and formal education. Bec values a strong team, which she leads by example, placing great emphasis on empowering her staff through greater individual responsibilities and training. Her hands-on approach to orchard duties creates a sense of enthusiasm among her team, while taking on the seasonal challenges of producing exceptional apples.