The size of our workforce fluctuates throughout the year depending on the needs of the business and the season. During harvest season, the number of our workers increases significantly, and seasonal workers form an important part of our labour requirement.

Fruit Picking and Seasonal Work

Fruit pickers are employed from November to June each year. No experience is required. Accommodation is available on site for workers only. Fruit picking is physical, outdoor work and all pickers must be fit and able to work in the heat.

Those seeking an extension to their working visa may qualify after carrying out three-months in horticulture doing fruit picking work. Interested Australian residents are encouraged to apply.


  • Avocados – October/November/December
  • Pears – January/February/March
  • Stone Fruit – December/January/February/March
  • Apples – February/March/April/May


  • Monday – Friday: 7:00am – 4.00pm

Weekend work will depend on seasonal factors and may include a Sunday.

Fruit picking is hard and physically demanding. It will involve picking fruit, using ladders and reaching above your head. You will be working outdoors in sometimes hot and dry conditions with temperatures up to 36 degrees Celsius. You need to be fit and in good physical condition to do this work.


The Group owns and operates the following fruit orchards in Western Australia.

Casuarina Valley Orchard – Manjimup

LOCATION: The orchard is located approx. 22kms from the town of Manjimup.

Casuarina Valley is a large orchard growing over 100 ha of apples, pears and avocados.

Accommodation is available on site (subject to availability). Hostel accommodation is also available in the town of Manjimup.

Ladycroft Orchard – Manjimup

LOCATION: Manjimup

This picturesque apple orchard lies about 22 kms west of Manjimup township. Apple varieties grown include the famous Bravo apple.

Accommodation is available on site (subject to availability). Hostel accommodation is also available in the town of Manjimup.

Eastwind Fruits – Balingup

LOCATION: Balingup

Eastwind Fruits specialises in producing stone fruit (nectarines, peaches, apricots, avocados), also Eastwind Fruits grows apples, the Granny Smith variety.

Alternate limited accommodation is available in the Balingup area.

Blue Moon Orchard – Mullalyup

LOCATION: Mullalyup

A large fruit orchard which grows a variety of fruit: apples, nectarines, peaches, apricots, avocados.

Accommodation available on site (subject to availability). Alternative accommodation is available in the area.

Red Moon Orchards – Donnybrook

LOCATION: Donnybrook

Redmoon Orchard is located on the outskirts of Donnybrook. Several different varieties of nectarines and pears are grown on this orchard along with Granny Smith apples and avocados.

Alternate accommodation available in Donnybrook subject to availability.

Borabilla Orchard – Gingin


Borabilla Orchard is located 46 kms west of the townsite of Gingin and approximately 100 kms from the city of Perth WA.  The orchard produces low chill stone fruit, seedless lemons and other citrus varieties.

Check with orchard for accommodation availability .



LOCATION: The packing shed is located in Kirup, 20 minutes south of Donnybrook.

Bluemoon Packing is located in the heart of the fruit growing region of south-western WA and operates a state-of-the-art production process. The newly installed grader includes infra-red technology, which will detect both internal and external defects ensuring a consistent top-quality product. Once the fruit is packaged, it is palletised and stored in the cool rooms from where they are loaded onto one of our trucks for delivery to our customers.

Limited accommodation is available in the Kirup area.


LOCATION: Located in the eastern hills region just 30 kilometres from the Perth CBD.

Karragullen Cool Store has been grading and selling quality fruit since the 1960s. Fruit is stored, graded and packed and undergoes strict quality control. KCS is part of the Casotti Group which owns and operates the largest private fruit growing, packing and wholesale operation in Western Australia. The Karragullen facility is capable of grading over 10,000 tonnes of fruit per year. Fruit is graded in conventional cartons and in prepacked bags and punnets.