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Bluemoon Orchards


Bluemoon is a large orchard growing predominantly apples on over 80 hectares of fertile soil (Pink Ladies and Galas as well as a number of other apple varieties). In addition to apples, Bluemoon also produces significant quantities of Hass avocados and stone fruit, including several different varieties of nectarines.

Bluemoon Orchard is located in the heart of the fruit growing region of south-western WA and incorporates three large dams which ensure consistent water supply.

Manager: Jeremy Price

“Orchard manager, Jeremy Price loves growing fruit and he comes from a long line of passionate fruit growers, being a fourth generation fruit producer. With over 30 years of experience growing pomme and stone fruit, he feels well adapted to get the best out of idyllic conditions at Bluemoon Orchard.

Jeremy gives attention to detail to all tasks performed during the production process to ensure fruit can reach its potential.

Jeremy desires all his staff to strive for excellence. He does this by sharing his knowledge and skills in the field with a hands on approach.

Growing fruit sustainably and responsibly is important to Jeremy and he implements thorough integrated pest and disease management systems to minimize chemical inputs as well as applying regenerative systems where possible to improve the land which we are farming. “